Types of Hair Removal With Wax At Home

To Perform Waxing A woman can use cold, hard wax vs Soft wax.

Removing cold wax hair varies with pain and requires a lot of free time. In addition, this option is hair removal is not recommended for women with sensitive skin.

To perform this procedure use special strips of paper or fabric to keep the preheated hands. This type of hair removal is characterized by affordability and high efficiency as well as wax strips are able to remove short hair themselves.
Removal done using hot wax is less painful and is ideal for sensitive intimate areas and armpits. Hot matter heats the skin and helps to reveal far. As a result, hair is removed easily and painlessly.

The building includes hot wax resin and oil. As a result, molten hot wax did not escape during use and not many sticks to the skin surface. Wax removal is considered an economical home option as illustrated by waxes used repeatedly.
It should be noted that hot wax is able to expand the blood vessels. In this regard, women with varicose veins hair removal using this option is not recommended.

The most popular among the tender sex is the method of removing hair with warm wax. It has painlessness, security and efficiency. It consists of a resin and a plasticizer. However, the cost of wax compared to the above hair removal option is highest. Warm wax for home use can be purchased in a convenient roller tape or special pot.

How to make depilatory wax at home

The high efficiency of the waxing procedure can be achieved if the processed hair has a length of at least 5 mm. The hair removal process at home includes the following steps:

Preparing the skin for hair removal. The desired body area is recommended for steam, wipe dry with a towel and degrease with milk. This will help you better combine wax from your skin. It is impossible incremental application to the skin that contain fat cosmetics.

Preparation for wax removal.

From wax temperature control to efficiency measures. If the wax is too hot, the woman can receive care and the cold tool does not remove the hair from the essential parts of the body. The wax should melt according to the instructions for liquid consistency. In addition, its temperature should range from 38 to 40 degrees.

Putting wax on the skin.

This tool is best applied with a spatula in the direction of hair growth. It should not be immediately processed all your skin as it hardens quickly. Rational evenly wax on a small area of ​​skin and compress it using special ribbons to remove hair.

Hair removal.

When the wax solidifies, the sharp movement of the hand should remove the tape. Shoot it to take off your hair growth. All hairs hold the belt and easily lose from the skin.
After waxing the skin gets the desired smoothness and softness.

The world’s most beautiful women reveal the tricks of having beautiful skin

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Charming actress and model also has porcelain-like skin. A 37-year-old Ukrainian native had previously thought it was okay to wear a lot of makeup, and she found it quite normal. Since the first time she looked at Paris and lived there for some time, she has been doing the opposite. Maybe it is thanks to this move that he still has flawless skin . But her health lifestyle is based mainly on positive thinking. since she had experienced misery with her mother in her childhood, she now appreciates the fact that she has something to eat, and she has no guarding.

Emma Watson: The gentle power of femininity

The brave witch Hermione grew into a successful and confident woman. Emma is still young, but also smart, so she leaves nothing to chance. She is well aware that her face will not be alabaster forever. She says she cares more about her skin than anything else. The main role for her is protection from the sun , where it is not only about beauty but also about health. He claims that protecting the skin from sunlight is the most important thing. As for make-up, she relies on a delicate pink health that brightens her face and believes in the power of lipsticks and lip balms.

Rihanna: Hydrate and cleanse

Barbados sexy diva with an incredible dose of sexappel and positive energy has its fans around the world. She owes the fact that she is beautiful in almost any situation, thanks to several products. There is no need for makeup on her dark, velvety, smooth face , and Rihanna addresses it with a little bronzer. all the more experimenting with colored eyeshadows and lipstick . And what would she advise all women? Hydrate, cleanse, hydrate and hydrate again.

Keira Knightley: Don’t touch your eyebrows

Britain, one of the best-paid actresses in the world, is best known for her role as Elisabeth in the Pirates of the Caribbean. They claim that the English people bet more on nature than the Americans. “Someone once told me that only a bad make-up artist will want to pluck your eyebrows,” she told an interview with the English InStyle magazine, not to touch her eyebrows . The most important thing, according to her, is that, despite makeup, you always know it’s really you.